About Us

We are an Australian-owned company with our operations based in Mitcham, Victoria.

Quick and Easy Finance specialises in providing affordable, short term, low value personal loans ranging from $500 - $20,000 to individuals with stable employment in select organisations and the public sector. So if you work in any government department then the chances of being approved for one of our personal loans has already risen considerably.* (Conditions apply).

Likewise if you work in a private education institution or hospital, clinic or nursing home or in a related medical industry. Or any medium to large size organization for that matter that does Payroll Deduction on behalf of its employees. We recommend you ask your employer if they do Payroll Deduction before you apply. (Conditions apply).

Applicants however must be employed in either a Permanent or a Contract position (conditions apply) in order to be considered.

Our agreement with the client requires that the repayment of the personal loan is done via Payroll Deduction. This means that your employer must agree to this payment method. All government departments and the vast majority of medium to large size organizations offer Payroll Deduction as a service to their employees. This method of payment enables us to offer considerably discounted interest rates on our personal loans.

Only under exceptional circumstances will we consider doing a Direct Debit as the method of payment if your employer does not offer Payroll Deduction. (Conditions apply). In such cases we may insist on the personal loan being secured. (If you’re unsure what all this means, please don’t hesitate to ask us).

Our business model, and Payroll Deduction as a method of payment, has proven to be highly successful in other parts of the world, and has been introduced into Australia to assist the large number of people that do not fit the 'little square boxes' of traditional lenders (e.g. banks and credit unions), and who therefore do not qualify for affordable, short term, low value personal loans. Many such people have stable employment, an acceptable credit record and earn a decent salary; they need money quickly, and are declined by traditional lenders, but we can assist where they do not. (Conditions apply).

We therefore encourage applicants before applying, to compare our installments against other non-bank lenders; this way you’ll be happy in the knowledge that you really are finding a solution when it comes to affordable, short term, low value personal loans.

Our personal loans may be used for whatever reason, but are normally used for unforeseen and unexpected bills; such as fixing or replacing a broken appliance, or to repair your car that has started to play up just when it was behaving so nicely, or your teenage daughter decided to phone all her friends (that live overseas) and your telephone bill is looking slightly inflated this month, or you forgot to include your car registration in your budget, or you saw a really nice piece of furniture that would fit perfectly in your home, or you want to consolidate your debt, or you saw the ideal gift for your partner for an upcoming anniversary or birthday, or you are not prepared to wait forever in the queue to have the dental treatment done that you’ve always promised yourself, or you are going to go on that once-in-a-lifetime holiday that you always wanted to – and no one is going to stand in your way, or ... the list is endless.

Ultimately the reason for your personal loan is yours and yours alone. Personal and confidential. And no one else needs to know.

So now that you know a bit more about us, welcome to Quick and Easy Finance. Give us a try and we’ll prove that when we say “The Name Says It All”, we mean it.